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Dying can be one of the most confronting and challenging experiences we are likely to face, which can have us confused and fearful of the unknown, and submissive to the wishes of others. As an End of Life Doula servicing the Gold Coast and Tweed Valley, I am able to provide a broad range of respectful and compassionate services depending on the wishes of the individual .

An End of Life Doula has been a familiar concept in many cultures for thousands of years, alongside the practice of people choosing to die in their own home supported by family, friends and community.  However, in more western cultures such as Australia, nursing homes/residential facilities and hospitals have become a more familiar trend for the dying which often does not lend itself to a more natural and holistic approach to dying. Thankfully hospices are now being recognised as a more non-clinical option for those looking for a more holistic transition experience and are able to consider the needs and wishes of those caring for them while in a less clinical environment.

As an End of Life Doula I’m privileged to play a non-medical role that will complement medical practices and provide compassionate support before and at the time of dying. As a companion on the journey, I am able to provide options, education and resources to the dying and support for those who are close to them. With a holistic and respectful approach, it is my desire to bring comfort to those who have a life limiting illness or who are dying and help them to feel safe and supported during this important transition.

Whether you choose to die at home, in a hospice, a hospital or residential care, I will guide you through the journey with compassion and respect so you are provided with the information needed to make informed decisions that align with your beliefs, values and wishes.

Some of my services include:

Advocating on your behalf with your medical and nursing team and care providers so that your wishes are carried out.

Providing support and information when navigating medical and health care including your Advance Care Plan and end of life wishes.

Providing direction for the completion of legal documents including Power of Attorney, Wills, Financial / Admin / Guardian, Advance Care Directives etc..

Supporting your religious and spiritual traditions and rituals and practices including coordinating complementary therapists if requested.

Assisting and supporting you to understand the details around dying and what you may expect as your journey progresses.

Supporting you in an adversarial role by attending medical and allied health appointments with you if this is your wish.

Providing support and comfort through bedside vigil near and at the time of death.

And if you wish, as a Funeral Celebrant, assisting you to plan your after-death care and funeral arrangements in consultation with your family or friends.

My heartfelt wish as your End of Life Doula is to assist you and those who care for you in creating an intimate and peaceful experience that upholds your rights, beliefs and wishes throughout all the stages of your transition.

Ruth Reinhard

Phone: 0411 492 340

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